A Biblical Perspective On Theodicy In Light Of The Fallibility Of The Human Mind.

One of the most commonly asked questions relating to the nature of God is this: If God is all good, and all powerful, why does evil exist in the world? The question raised is a common subject of debate among believers and unbelievers alike, however, it is especially prevalent among those who argue against the... Continue Reading →


The Damning Doctrine Of The Pope.

The Pope is not a Christian. He does not line up under the authority of Scripture. He rejects, adds to, and misconstrues truth with little regard for biblical accuracy. Twisting Scripture to fit his own ideology, he espouses deceptive theology to millions of his followers. Most concerning, is his rejection of the biblical view regarding... Continue Reading →

Having A High View Of God.

Christians actually need to be confronted with their real need - an understanding of God's holiness and their own sinfulness - so they can be usable to Him for His glory. When we have a right relationship to God, every aspect of our lives will fall into its divinely ordained place. We are still to... Continue Reading →

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