Having A High View Of God.

Christians actually need to be confronted with their real need – an understanding of God’s holiness and their own sinfulness – so they can be usable to Him for His glory. When we have a right relationship to God, every aspect of our lives will fall into its divinely ordained place. We are still to need other needs but it begins with a high view of God.  – John MacArthur

Having a high view of God must be a characteristic in the life of an obedient follower of Christ. How we behave, what we believe, and the things in which we choose to invest our time ultimately reflect how we view God. We are granted the ability to cultivate a right view of God through Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, regeneration of the believers heart, and the sealing His redeemed with the promised Holy Spirit. We achieve a high view of God by His graciousness in our lives, allowing our eyes to be opened to the truth, and through faithful personal study and understanding of His written word.

This reality rests on our ability to have an accurate understanding of who God is. This is only possible through the revelation of the character of God given to us in Scripture. While God has chosen to reveal himself to man in different ways throughout the millennia (creation, angels, signs, wonders, miracles, visions, prophetic word), the primary means by which He has chosen to reveal Himself to humanity is through His written word.

God has revealed Himself as the sovereign God of the universe. He has revealed to us both communicable and incommunicable attributes intrinsic to His nature. Scripture tells us that God is independent, immutable, and eternal. He is immense and omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. He is holy, perfect, invisible, wise, true and faithful. He is a jealous and just God but He is also gracious, merciful, and glorious. The more we seek to know God, the more we are faithful and diligent in our study of Scripture, praying for wisdom and understanding in all things, the higher our view of God will be.

A high view of God is imperative because without it, we fall easily into a toleration of sin. When we don’t exalt God in our worship, we jeopardize the purity of the church and dim the light God designed His body to be in the world; we unconsciously replace God with man as the focus and reason to gather on the Lord’s Day. A church with a low view of God eventually becomes a man-centered ministry where glorifying God is an afterthought.  – Grace Church Sun Valley, Ca.

This reality must encompass every aspect of our lives. Our understanding of God must result in a desire to honor God and align every aspect of our worship to what God has commanded in Scripture. Our preaching, our worship, and our programs should not only be conducted to the absolute best of our ability, but they should also be approached with the mindset that the purpose and goal of everything we do is to bring honor and glory to God alone. Anything done with a low view of God, a low view of Scripture, or a low view of the church misses the mark and often caters to man’s comfort rather than the glorification of the most high God.


Always the most revealing thing about the Church is her idea of God.  – A.W. Tozer

May our lives be defined by our desire to view God correctly. May we be known for our passion and faithfulness to glorify the most high God in all things. May God’s revelation to us in Scripture bring about a right understanding, a heart of humility, and result in a restoration of a high view of God within the Church today.




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