The Importance Of The Five Solas; Battling For Biblical Sufficiency Today.

What Is Lordship Salvation?

The Dilemma Of The Relationship Between A Biblically Structured Church And Churches Who Choose To Ordain Women.

The Denigration Of The Holiness Of God In Worship Through The Use And Support Of Contemporary Christian Music.

The New Apostolic Reformation And Why It Is A Threat.

A Closer Look At A Modern Day Trojan Horse: Jesus Culture.

Worship In The Splendor Of Holiness

Un-Biblical Behavior: The Leadership Of The New Apostolic Reformation, Part 1: Heidi Baker, Georgian And Winnie Banov, And Bill And Beni Johnson.

Un-Biblical Behavior: The Leadership Of The New Apostolic Reformation, Part 2: C. Peter Wagner, Lou Engle, And Mike Bickle.

Friendship With The World Is Enmity With God: A Call For Biblical Discernment Regarding Beth Moore.

The Marks Of An Unholy Assembly: The Rise Of The Entertainment Empire Hillsong.

Broken Arrow: How False Doctrine Has Overrun American Christianity.

Steven Furtick’s Assault On Biblical Discernment.

A Theological Fatality: Hank Hanegraaff’s transition into Eastern Orthodoxy.

The Sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man as it pertains to salvation

Why We Take The Creation Account Literally.

If We Start From Scripture, What Can We Conclude About Dinosaurs?

Ecumenism Is Not True Unity: Why Christians Cannot Embrace The Roman Catholic Church And Their Inability To Preach A Saving Gospel.

Yom or Yooooooooooooom: How an understanding of semantic domain and syntax demand a literal reading of the text.

Men Who Must Be Silenced: The Empty Talk Of Carl Lentz, Compromised Leader Of Hillsong New York.

What Are We Bringing Before The Living God In Our Worship When We Use Hillsong Music In Our Churches?

The Nashville Statement: Standing For An Exclusive, God-Ordained Design Of Sexuality In An Inclusive Age.

The Relationship Between Doctrine And The Church.

Having A High View Of God.


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